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Volcker 2.0: Agencies Propose to Reduce Regulatory Burdens Imposed by the Volcker Regulations

USA - June 15 2018 After a long lead up, the five agencies (Agencies) with responsibility for the regulations that implement the Volcker Rule (Regulations) have issued a…

Robert J. Rhatigan, David J. Harris

Congress Applies the Congressional Review Act in a New Way - Voiding CFPB Bulletin on Indirect Auto Lending

USA - June 6 2018 President Trump on May 21, 2018 signed a Joint Resolution passed by Congress that disapproved the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s March 21…

Robert J. Rhatigan, David L. Ansell, David J. Harris, Thomas P. Vartanian

Rollback of Dodd-Frank

USA - March 8 2018 Congress and the Trump Administration may be embarking on making far-reaching changes that will recalibrate the manner in which financial services are…

Robert J. Rhatigan, David L. Ansell, David J. Harris, Thomas P. Vartanian

Trump Administration Unveils its Position on Financial Regulation Reform

USA - January 8 2018 During the Trump Administration's first year in office, it has implemented major new policy approaches and engaged in significant reversals of Obama…

David J. Harris

Treasury’s Third Report on Financial System Regulation Focuses on the Asset Management and Insurance Industries

Global, USA - December 4 2017 The U.S. Department of the Treasury (Treasury) recently released a report examining the regulatory framework for the asset management and insurance…

Matthew E. Barsamian, Erica Evans, Brendan C. Fox, Brooke A. Higgs, Alexander Karampatsos, Christine Ayako Schleppegrell, Thomas P. Vartanian