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FTC use of hot documents in hospital merger challenges

USA - April 27 2022 The government had lost seven consecutive hospital merger litigations before the FTC’s challenge to the Evanston Northwestern/Highland Park merger in…

Mike Cowie, Konstantin Medvedovsky

Committed Capital Sidecar | Hot Documents in Merger Review

USA - March 31 2022 “Committed Capital Sidecar” is a bite-sized feature within our Committed Capital podcast series which quickly covers a key development affecting the…

Mike Cowie, James A. Fishkin

Boiling Points: Hot documents in antitrust merger cases

USA - October 20 2021 Introducing the Boiling Points collection and counseling program from Dechert's antitrust/competition practice. The program was developed to provide…

Mike Cowie

DAMITT Q1 2021: Vertical Merger Challenges and New EU Referral Process Signal Transitions in U.S. and EU Investigations

European Union, USA - April 26 2021 Only four significant U.S. merger investigations concluded in Q1 2021 under the current acting leadership during the preside…

Laurence Bary, Alec Burnside, Mike Cowie, James A. Fishkin, Adam Kidane, Dennis S. Schmelzer, Delphine Strohl, Clemens Graf York von Wartenburg

DAMITT 2020 Report: Antitrust merger enforcement trends amid the pandemic, U.S. elections and Brexit

European Union, United Kingdom, USA - February 4 2021 In 2020, the U.S. antitrust agencies concluded the second-highest number of significant U.S. merger inve…

Laurence Bary, Alec Burnside, James A. Fishkin, Adam Kidane, Clemens Graf York von Wartenburg