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Belgian DPA Fines IAB: Rough Waters Ahead for Ad Industry

Belgium - February 2 2022 On February 2, 2022, the Belgian Data Protection Authority (“DPA”) issued a decision finding that the Interactive Advertising Bureau ("IAB”) Europe’s…

Dylan Balbirnie, Olaf Fasshauer, SONJA FESER, Paul Kavanagh, Karen L. Neuman, Brenda R. Sharton

UK Court of Appeal considers territorial scope of GDPR

European Union, United Kingdom - January 25 2022 The UK Court of Appeal has allowed a claim for contravention of the GDPR to be served on various US defendants, indicating that until the courts…

Dylan Balbirnie, Paul Kavanagh

A Transfer By Any Other Name? EDPB Issues Draft Guidelines to Clarify GDPR Data Transfer Ambiguities

European Union - November 30 2021 On November 19 the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) published Draft Guidelines on the interplay between Article 3 of the GDPR (which establishes…

Olaf Fasshauer, Paul Kavanagh, Karen L. Neuman, Brenda R. Sharton

European Commission’s Proposed Regulation on Artificial Intelligence: Conducting a Conformity Assessment in the Context of AI. Say What?

European Union - November 16 2021 The European Commission (EC) on April 21, 2021, proposed a regulation establishing a framework and rules (Proposed Regulation) for “trustworthy”…

Dorothy Cory-Wright, Colleen Hespeler, Karen L. Neuman

International Data Transfers - the UK Chapter: UK ICO Launches Transfers Consultation

European Union, United Kingdom - August 18 2021 The UK’s data protection regulatory authority, the Information Commissioner’s Office (“ICO”), has launched a public consultation on its new draft…

Paul Kavanagh