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What's To Be Done about a Rule That Doesn't Work?

USA - January 24 2017 Adding to the mountain of uncertainty for 2017 is how to interpret and implement (and…what is the fate of) the HVCRE (High Volatility Commercial Real…

HVCRE ADC Update: Regulators Propose Eliminating Exemption for Land Development Loans

USA - October 23 2019 Just when you thought the regulators had forgotten about HVCRE ADC, they issued a new notice of proposed rulemaking like they were Beyoncé…

Gina Leahey

HVCRE Reform is HOT HOT HOT: Pittenger Bill Progresses to Senate

USA - November 10 2017 Add HVCRE reform to the list of things that have bi-partisan support (currently on the list: flag pins and banning the use of Twitter in the White…

Gina Leahey

Yakety Yak - Talk Back: Regulators Respond to HVCRE Complaints

USA - October 20 2017 On September 27, 2017, the Federal Reserve, FDIC and OCC released a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPR) that they describe as simplifying compliance…

Gina Leahey

“Pop the Champagne but Don’t Get Too Drunk”: HVCRE Reform Passes the House

USA - May 22 2018 When House Speaker Paul Ryan announced earlier this month that the House would vote on S.2155, I wasn’t holding my breath (you know you’re on your…

Gina Leahey