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Mexico’s Electricity Industry Law Update: Remedies for Foreign Investors

Mexico - March 23 2021 The Decree amending Mexico’s Electricity Industry Law entered into force on 10 March 2021.1 Consolidating the plans of President Andrés M…

Howard Kleinman, Arif H. Ali, David L. Attanasio, Mauricio A. España, Tamar Sarjveladze

Dispute Boards: Another Potential Means of Resolving COVID-19 Disputes

USA - April 24 2020 COVID-19 has caused a widespread evaluation of how existing therapies could assist in treating this new pathogen. This OnPoint does something similar…

Arif H. Ali, Michelle Bradfield, Philip Dunham, Christophe Garcia, Mark Mangan

COVID-19: Preparing for and Managing Disputes in the Hospitality Sector

Global - April 15 2020 The unprecedented and unforeseen difficulties currently faced by the hospitality industry will likely lead to dis…

Arif H. Ali, Michelle Bradfield, Henry Defriez, Alexandre de Gramont, Erica Stein

Brazil’s “Car Wash” Operation Probes Banks for Employees’ Money Laundering Scheme

Brazil - February 13 2020 Brazilian authorities are investigating foreign and local banks for failure to prevent moneylaundering transactions that would have led to bribery of…

Mauricio A. España, Hector Gonzalez

The USMCA nears entry into force with significant consequences for cross-border North American investors

Canada, Mexico, USA - January 5 2020 On January 29, President Donald Trump signed the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) into law, completing the ratification procedure within…

Arif H. Ali, David L. Attanasio, Henry Defriez, Alexandre de Gramont