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Dubai data protection authority plans to launch international privacy risk index and update international data transfer mechanisms

European Union, United Arab Emirates - May 3 2022 The Dubai International Financial Centre’s ("DIFC") data protection authority has published its proposals for updated tools and guidance on…

Paul Kavanagh

UK Court of Appeal rules on the rights of licensees to bring patent infringement claims

United Kingdom - April 12 2022 The UK Court of Appeal has issued its judgment in one of the latest hearings in Neurim Pharmaceuticals v Generics (UK) relating to Neurim’s insomnia…

Jennifer Hutchings, Paul Kavanagh, Noah M. Leibowitz

Belgian DPA Fines IAB: Rough Waters Ahead for Ad Industry

Belgium - February 2 2022 On February 2, 2022, the Belgian Data Protection Authority (“DPA”) issued a decision finding that the Interactive Advertising Bureau ("IAB”) Europe’s…

Olaf Fasshauer, SONJA FESER, Paul Kavanagh, Karen L. Neuman, Brenda R. Sharton, Madeleine White

UK Court of Appeal considers territorial scope of GDPR

European Union, United Kingdom - January 25 2022 The UK Court of Appeal has allowed a claim for contravention of the GDPR to be served on various US defendants, indicating that until the courts…

Paul Kavanagh, Madeleine White

Inventive AI: European Patent Office finds that only humans can be inventors

European Union, United Kingdom - January 19 2022 Patent offices and courts around the world have recently been grappling with the question of whether an AI system can be the inventor of a patent…

Paul Kavanagh