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How to choose between the arbitration rules commonly used in South East Asia?

Asia-Pacific, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore - October 12 2017 As explained in this briefing, factors to be considered when selecting an arbitral institution include each institution’s track record for handling…

Henry Defriez, Mark Mangan

Singapore to permit third party funding of international arbitrations

Singapore - January 25 2017 Singapore is poised to become the first jurisdiction in Asia to introduce legislation permitting the use of third party funding in support of…

Henry Defriez, Mark Mangan

Overview of the 2016 SIAC Rules

Singapore - August 1 2016 The sixth edition of the arbitration rules of the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC) comes into force today. To mark the occasion we…

Mark Mangan

Singapore International Commercial Court issues first decision

Singapore - June 10 2016 Following the establishment of the Singapore International Court (SICC) in January 2015, the SICC issued its first decision on 12 May 2016 in the…

Mark Mangan

Does the smoke haze over South East Asia violate international law?

Asia-Pacific - September 28 2015 Once again a haze of smoke has descended on Singapore, Malaysia, and other parts of South East Asia. The smoke originates in Indonesia where…

Henry Defriez, Mark Mangan