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The entry into force of the Digital Markets Act kicks off new era of digital regulation in Europe

European Union - October 25 2022 The DMA strengthens EU-level regulation of large digital platforms, termed “gatekeepers”: the main provisions will apply from 2 May 2023, with the…

Laurence Bary, Michael I. Okkonen, Marion Provost, Mélanie Thill-Tayara, Clemens Graf York von Wartenburg

European Commission prohibits acquisition of Grail by Illumina

European Union - September 20 2022 On 6 September 2022, following a Phase II investigation, the European Commission (the “Commission”) prohibited the acquisition of Grail by Illumina…

Laurence Bary, Lucas Leroy, Marion Provost, Mélanie Thill-Tayara

Merging Parties Beware: Deals That Do Not Meet Merger Control Thresholds in the EEA Can Still Be Reviewed by European Commission

European Union - July 25 2022 The EU General Court confirms that deals that do not meet EU or EEA Member States’ merger control thresholds can still be reviewed by the European…

Laurence Bary, Isabella Egetenmeir, Mélanie Thill-Tayara, Clemens Graf York von Wartenburg

Online safety and social media regulation gains momentum on both sides of the Atlantic - are tech giants ready?

United Kingdom - June 8 2022 When the UK Government first introduced the Online Safety Bill (the "Bill") to Parliament, it lauded the Bill as creating "world-leading online…

Marjolein De Backer, Caroline Black, Hayden Coleman, Laura Manson

The Evolving Global Foreign Direct Investment and National Security Review Landscape

European Union, Global - May 30 2022 The national security and foreign direct investment ("FDI") review landscape around the world is evolving rapidly. A pre-pandemic trend of active FDI…

John Bedford, Darshak S. Dholakia, Thirith von Döhren, Pavel Dunaev, Isabella Egetenmeir, Betsy Feuerstein, Christopher Field, Sean Geraghty, Hrishikesh N. Hari, Adam Kidane, Zhaohui Li, Brooklynn Moore, Michael I. Okkonen, Sophie Pelé, Adam C. R. Schmelzer, Kirill Skopchevskiy, Clemens Graf York von Wartenburg, Jeremy B. Zucker