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Funds’ proposed Port of Geelong acquisition sunk by ACCC

Australia - September 1 2022 On 26 August 2022, a consortium of superannuation and infrastructure funds (led by Spirit Super and Palisade Investment Partners) abandoned their…

Elizabeth Avery, Jeremy Jose

In review: energy regulation in Australia

Australia - June 2 2022 This article reviews the need-to-know features of energy regulation in Australia, including the extent of the regulatory authorities' powers, regulated activities and market access restrictions.

Jeremy Jose, Ilona Millar, Geoff Petersen

Spotlight: the energy markets in Australia

Australia - June 2 2022 This article explores the key features of the energy markets in Australia, gauging market climate and reviewing recent developments, as well as contractual considerations for market players.

Jeremy Jose, Ilona Millar, Geoff Petersen

Shifting the focus of economic regulation in Australia’s energy networks

Australia - February 25 2022 Traditional frameworks for economic regulation of energy networks and pipelines are being fundamentally challenged by the transition to low carbon (or…

Geoff Petersen

The Energy Regulation and Markets Review - 2021 Edition

Australia - June 29 2021 The energy sector has seen a rapid year of change following on from the effects of the global pandemic. Many of the contributing authors of The Energy…

Christopher Flynn, Geoff Petersen, Adela Smith