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How streaming services transformed the music industry

United Kingdom - August 1 2022 The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) recently released a detailed market study of the music streaming business. Streaming came along in…

Peter Waters, Michael Williams

Spoiler Alert: Copyright Law and Online Spoiler Culture

Australia - August 24 2017 The dramatic cliff-hanger that capped off the sixth season of AMC's The Walking Dead has viewers of the highest rating show on US television…

Connor Hogg

Blockchain: Hype or Major Disruptor? A Copyright Lawyers' Guide

Australia - July 19 2017 Managing copyright in today’s digital world is becoming incredibly complex. Does blockchain create new options for managing copyright and other…

Bernadette Jew, Michael Williams

Productivity Commission inquiry into intellectual property arrangements announced

Australia - August 20 2015 In a joint announcement today, the Treasurer and the Minister for Small Business announced that the Productivity Commission will undertake a broad…

John Lee, Sophie Chesterton, Simon Snow, Michael Williams

Knott Investments Pty Ltd v Winnebago Industries, Inc (no 2) [2013] FCAFC 117

Australia - November 1 2013 Last week the Full Federal Court handed down a judgment that will have significant implications for the way brand owners think about protecting their…

Frances St John, Lisa Lennon