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ASIC facilitates employee incentive schemes with new class orders

Australia - November 19 2014 Following a lengthy consultation period, ASIC has released new class order relief for both listed and unlisted companies and a new Regulatory Guide…

Jane Hogan, Sally Randall

ASIC publishes its 2014-15 Strategic Outlook

Australia - November 19 2014 ASIC's 2014-15 Strategic Outlook highlights the key challenges ASIC sees to the market it regulates and how it will respond using its surveillance…

Jane Hogan, Sally Randall

Proposed mandatory foreign government payment reporting for Australian extractive companies

Australia - November 19 2014 The Corporations Amendment (Publish What you Pay) Bill 2014 seeks to improve transparency and accountability of Australian extractive companies (and…

Jane Hogan, Sally Randall

Australian Council of Superannuation Investors

Australia - November 19 2014 Pay The results of the 13th Annual ACSI Survey of Chief Executive Remuneration demonstrate how continued investor scrutiny and increased vigilance by…

Jane Hogan, Sally Randall

Ensure actual or ostensible authority before relying on representations: Agricultural & Rural Finance Pty Ltd v Atkinson (No 2) [2014] NSWSC 1397

Australia - November 19 2014 The New South Wales Supreme Court held that despite the managing director of one company making certain decisions and supervising the staff of…

Jane Hogan, Sally Randall