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Government consults on mandatory climate risk disclosure framework

Australia - December 21 2022 On 12 December 2022, The Australian Department of the Treasury (Treasury) released a Consultation Paper regarding the introduction of mandatory…

Ben Macdonald, Ashleigh McCoach, Ilona Millar, Emily Morison, Anneka Thomson, Sarah Turner

The ACCC lays new turf with its first standalone concerted practices enforcement outcome

Australia - November 21 2022 The ACCC has secured its first formal enforcement outcome that relates solely to the concerted practices provisions of the Competition and Consumer…

Katie Latham, Sarah Lynch

And so it begins … ASIC takes its first enforcement action for ‘greenwashing’

Australia - October 30 2022 On 27 October 2022, ASIC announced that it had taken its first formal enforcement action for ‘greenwashing’ and issued penalties. ‘Greenwashing’ is…

Philippa Hofbrucker, Ben Macdonald, Ilona Millar

Funds’ proposed Port of Geelong acquisition sunk by ACCC

Australia - September 1 2022 On 26 August 2022, a consortium of superannuation and infrastructure funds (led by Spirit Super and Palisade Investment Partners) abandoned their…

Elizabeth Avery, Simon Muys

Summary of ASIC Guidance on ‘How to avoid greenwashing when offering or promoting sustainability-related products’

Australia - June 23 2022 On 14 June 2022, ASIC published guidance in relation to claims about sustainability-related products (Guidance). The Guidance: defines greenwashing…

Adam D'Andreti, Philippa Hofbrucker, Christopher Marchesi, Ilona Millar, Anneka Thomson, Phil Turner