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Online safety to continue as a front-and-centre focus of Australian law

Australia - August 16 2022 Last year we wrote about the expansion of the eSafety Commissioner from a regulator of relatively narrow scope (combatting cyberbullying of…

Nathan Allen, Bryce Craig, Melissa Fai

Canada becomes the latest jurisdiction to propose AI-specific regulation

Australia, Canada - July 29 2022 Following on from the EU’s introduction of AI-specific laws under its proposed Draft AI Act in 2021 (EU Draft AI Act), Canada has become the latest…

Sophie Bogard, Simon Burns, Michael O’Neil

Facial recognition and artificial intelligence in Australia. Do we need more rules?

Australia - July 25 2022 The use of facial recognition technology has been in the spotlight recently, following news that some Australian retailers have been using facial…

Sophie Bogard, Simon Burns, Amelia Harvey

Algorithmic profiling & online behavioural advertising

Australia, European Union, USA - January 28 2022 You’re browsing online, looking for those new running shoes that are going to make you fitter in 2022. You close the browser and open a social media…

Claire Arthur, Tim Gole, Rishabh Khanna

A Guide to Internet Cookies

Australia - January 28 2022 Simply put, a cookie (HTTP cookie, web cookie or browser cookie) is a small data file that is placed (or ‘dropped’) on a user's device (e.g. PC, phone…

Tim Gole