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Consumer guarantees to apply to more “consumers”

Australia - July 23 2020 Next financial year, more consumers will be able to rely on the consumer guarantee protections in the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) when buying goods…

Charles Coorey, Liana Witt

Open Banking turns the lights on

Australia - July 1 2020 Today, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) officially switches on the Consumer Data Right (CDR) regime, implemented in the…

Elizabeth Avery, Melissa Fai, Matthew Hargreaves, Tim Kelly

The ACCC begins 2020 with a bang, announcing two new inquiries into digital platforms and advertising

Australia - February 18 2020 The Treasurer has directed the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to undertake two new inquiries. The inquiries form part of the…

Elizabeth Avery, Andrew Low, Lena Vanmali

We have a Consumer Data Right!

Australia - August 2 2019 Australia has made an important step in disrupting the data ecosystem by finally establishing a Consumer Data Right (CDR) which allows consumers to…

Elizabeth Avery, Rebecca Ching, Melissa Fai

ACCC releases draft guidelines on how it will interpret repeal of longstanding IP exemption

Australia - July 8 2019 Our previous update in February “Where to now? Longstanding IP exemption repealed in Australian Competition laws” (available here) highlighted the…

Jennifer Barron, Amelia Douglass