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Is the gig economy living it up at the Hotel California?

Australia, USA - December 15 2020 On the recent US election day, Californians headed to the polls to vote in a ballot measure which could change the nature of the gig economy…

Peter Waters.

Public consultation is now open on a new national law on ‘in-service safety’ of autonomous vehicles

Australia - December 8 2020 Australia’s National Transport Commission (NTC) is conducting a public consultation on a proposed new national law for autonomous vehicles. The…

Jen Bradley, Lesley Sutton.

California’s Prop 22 - a solution for Australia's gig economy platforms & workers?

Australia, USA - December 4 2020 The recent US elections were some of the most hotly contested and momentous in modern history, particularly when it came to the presidential race. On…

Mark Ferguson, Tim Gole.

Preparing Your Modern Slavery Statement with COVID-19 in Mind

Australia - October 29 2020 The first Modern Slavery Statements (MSS) under the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth) (Federal Act) are due to be lodged by the end of December 2020 (an…

Andrew Hii, Isobel O'Brien.

When 5G met COVID - Combined conspiracies force regulators, industry to respond around the world

Australia - July 16 2020 Concerns regarding 5G cellular network technology have been circulated for well over a decade, ranging from radiation exposure, all the way to wacky…

Michael Caplan.