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Take Care with Beneficiary Loan Accounts in Credit

New Zealand - February 4 2020 It is common for family trusts to resolve that a distribution be made to beneficiaries but the actual amount paid to the beneficiaries is less than…

Harsimran Mahal.

Trustee Meetings Key: Duty on Trustees under the Trusts Act to consider exercising their powers

New Zealand - April 16 2020 The Act contains five mandatory duties, which cannot be excluded or modified by the trust deed, and ten default duties that apply unless expressly…

Emily Black.

Fencing Disputes: Neighbours and Notices

New Zealand - March 4 2021 After obtaining a formal survey, many New Zealanders may be surprised to find out that the fence between their property and that of their neighbours’…

Urim Shin.

How will the Trusts Act 2019 affect me?

New Zealand - February 20 2020 The Trusts Act 2019 comes into force on 30 January 2021. The intention of the law reform is to make trust law more accessible for those who have a…

Mary Joy Simpson.