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Q2 | 2019

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From idea to inception and beyond: Important learnings from female biotech founders

Australia - March 7 2022 Female biotech founders took centre-stage at AusBiotech 2021 with the leaders of some of Australia’s most innovative start-ups coming together to…

Sarah Cox, Bryan Leaw

Awkward first dates: How is patent term extension calculated when a patent covers more than one pharmaceutical substance with regulatory approval?

Australia - February 10 2022 In recent times, the Australian Patent Office and the Federal Court of Australia (FCA) have had a series of cases dealing with patent term extension…

Gavin Adkins, Malcolm Lyons, Amanda Stark

Why are embryonic stem cells not able to be patented in Australia?

Australia - October 27 2021 Despite not being specifically excluded under s18 of the Australian Patents Act, technology utilising embryonic stem cells (ESCs) is not able to be…

Bryan Leaw

What’s in the patent box: How the proposed scheme could benefit Australian industry

Australia - June 18 2021 Principal Karen Sinclair discusses the Australian Government’s proposed patent box scheme, the key role IP strategy will play in the ability of…

Positioning with purpose; A Managing Director’s journey from ‘ground’ to ‘growth’

Australia, Global - February 1 2021 The MD in 'Managing Director' might easily stand for many other things. Mitigating Disaster. Moving Deliberately. Making Deals - the list goes on…