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The consequences of failure to follow a strict evidentiary process in Singapore

Singapore - January 31 2023 Chen & Partners (S) Pte Ltd v Soon Ailing [2023] SGIPOS 3 (“Ailing v Chen”) concerned revocation of a design registered to Chen & Partners (S) Pte…

Esther Seow

Singapore Intellectual Property Process Changes and Fee Updates

Singapore - May 6 2022 IPOs will be introducing process and fee changes for patents, trademarks, registered designs and plant varieties protection, in line with the…

Kian Hoe Khoo

At a glance: patent enforcement proceedings in Singapore

Singapore - April 22 2022 A Q&A guide to bringing patent enforcement proceedings in Singapore, including essential considerations such as key procedures, timeframes, costs and appeals.

In brief: patent prosecution in Singapore

Singapore - April 22 2022 A quick look at the essentials of patent prosecution in Singapore, including key disclosure requirements for patent applications, expedited procedures, oppositions, timeframes and costs.

New Singapore Court Procedures for IP Disputes

Singapore - April 6 2022 The new Supreme Court of Judicature (Intellectual Property) Rules 2022 ("Rules") came into effect on 1 April 2022. The new Rules provide a new…

Kian Hoe Khoo