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BEABA, Biba, and bad faith

Singapore - April 14 2022 In BEABA v Biba (Zhejiang) Nursing Products Co., Ltd [2022] SGIPOS 5, BEABA successfully opposed Biba (Zhejiang) Nursing Products Co.’s (“Biba”)…

Benita Lau

No room in the nest: Twitter opposes V V Technology’s bird mark

Singapore - March 30 2022 The similarity of competing marks is assessed in Singapore (and in many other jurisdictions) from visual, aural and conceptual standpoints. But what…

Benita Lau

Australian Grape and Wine Incorporated corks application to register “Prosecco” as Geographical Indication in Singapore

Australia, Singapore - March 7 2022 The Consorzio di Tutela della Denominazione di Origine Controllata Prosecco (“Consorzio”), an Italian consortium that oversees use of the term…

Benita Lau

Important changes to Singapore’s IP system

Singapore - January 20 2022 The Intellectual Property (Amendment) Bill (Bill) was approved by Parliament on 12 January 2022. It introduces changes to improve Singapore's…

Thomas Griffiths, Benita Lau, Dr. Jie An Yang

Weider keeps Morinaga’s “IN” mark out of Register

Singapore - December 9 2021 Weider Global Nutrition, LLC (Applicant) develops nutrition-related goods while Morinaga & Co., Ltd (Proprietor) manufactures mainly confectionaries…

Benita Lau