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Tariff concessions

New Zealand - November 7 2013 A tariff concession removes the duty for certain goods that an importer would otherwise pay under the tariff. A tariff concession assists in reducing…

Craig Shrive

Schrödinger's contract | A story of new public entities and private contracts

New Zealand - April 30 2021 The announced reforms of the health system last week, while anticipated, were more ambitious, and will happen more quickly, than what was indicated…

Catherine Marks, Craig Shrive

Cartel enforcement in the USA: greater fines, greater prison sentences, and possibly greater co-operation with the NZCC

New Zealand, USA - January 30 2013 On 29 January 2013 Prime Minister John Key, in his opening statement to Parliament for 2013, set out that negotiators have been asked to conclude the…

Bradley Aburn, Troy Pilkington

Wiri Prison PPP contract finalised

New Zealand - September 18 2012 The SecureFuture consortium last week finalised its agreement with the Corrections Department to design, finance, build, operate and maintain the new 960-bed public-private partnership (PPP) prison at Wiri, South Auckland.

Craig Shrive

ACC to provide cover for pregnancy after failed sterilisation procedure

New Zealand - May 24 2012 The Supreme Court determined that the Accident Compensation Scheme does provide cover to a woman (H) who becomes pregnant after a failed sterilisation operation.

Craig Shrive