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Fast and Furious - getting the most out of the COVID-19 Recovery (Fast-track Consenting) Act

New Zealand - July 8 2022 The COVID-19 Recovery (Fast-track Consenting) Act 2020 (FTCA) has been important in supporting Aotearoa's recovery from the economic and social…

Jacob Burton, Julia Fraser

Digging NZ out of its infrastructure deficit hole - Te Waihanga's bold 30 year infrastructure strategy

New Zealand - May 5 2022 Te Waihanga - New Zealand Infrastructure Commission has released the New Zealand Infrastructure Strategy 2022 - 2052 (Strategy), which is the first…

Jacob Burton, Lauren Rapley

Intensification Streamlined Planning Processes

New Zealand - April 21 2022 Auckland Council is the latest council to seek feedback on its approach to intensification, with its release this week of draft zonings to give…

Julia Fraser, Patrick Senior

Investing in New Zealand

New Zealand - April 6 2022 This is a basic guide for those wishing to invest in New Zealand and provides a high-level summary of key topics that investors should be aware of…

Petra Carey, Joe Edwards, Ian Beaumont, Kylie Dunn, Dan Jones, Lance Jones, Sarah McQueen, Greg Neill, Ben Paterson, Emma Peterson, Troy Pilkington, David Raudkivi, Cath Shirley-Brown, Brigette Shone, Fred Ward, Joe Windmeyer

The winds are changing - can the NZ legal system keep up?

New Zealand - March 9 2022 New Zealand is recognised as having one of the best wind resources of any country in the world. However, there remains plenty of untapped potential…

Maggie Burns, Peter Callus, Kirsty Dibley, Mei Fern Johnson