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Missouri court narrowly construes ability of trust settlor to create conditional trust amendment

USA - August 22 2013 An upcoming vacation, particularly one that involves flying, often encourages individuals to revisit their existing estate planning—or perhaps…

Linsey Glosier

FEGLIA: wife can’t enjoy fruits of husband’s labor

USA - July 12 2013 As is the case for everyone (and as we previously discussed in our prior post, Rock, Paper, Scissors: Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation Beats…

Stephanie L. Moll

How is an Illinois trust now like a fine wine? It can be decanted: a summary of the new Illinois decanting statute

USA - May 16 2013 Effective January 1, 2013, Illinois statute authorizes "decanting" of irrevocable trusts. What is decanting, you ask? Isn't that something you do…

Stephanie L. Moll

Court dismisses widow’s action for damages against trustees for allegedly fraudulent information return

USA - April 5 2013 Right now we are all in the peak of tax return filing season. As part of the tax return process, many tax practitioners file information returns for…

Tiffany N. McKenzie

First-time father at 94? Illinois court calls foul

USA - February 15 2013 It is no secret that when it comes to inheriting money, people have been known to dream up some creative schemes to get rich. Recently, however, an…

Linsey Glosier