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A 200% Tax on Self-Dealing? And People Think the Estate Tax is High!

USA - June 14 2018 With research and drafting assistance provided by our extern from Washington University School of Law, Rachael Lynch. Now that we’ve scared you with…

Keith J. Kehrer

30 Rock, Oysters, and Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax

USA - April 12 2017 Billionaire David Rockefeller, the grandson of John D. Rockefeller, passed away recently at the age of 101. In 2017, Forbes estimated that his…

Steven M. Dawson

Charitable Income Tax Deductions: The Rockefeller Edition

USA - March 29 2017 Billionaire David Rockefeller passed away this week at the age of 101. According to Forbes magazine, during his lifetime, the well-known…

Keith J. Kehrer

Where do our Presidential Candidates Stand on Estate Tax?

USA - September 27 2016 Both presidential candidates have proposed changes to the estate tax regime. Coming as a surprise to nobody, the proposals are quite different. Mr…

Stacie J. Rottenstreich

Projected Inflation-Adjusted Estate, Gift and GST Tax Exclusion Amounts for 2017 Now Available

USA - September 22 2016 Based on the Consumer Price Index for the 12-month period ending August 31, 2016, Thompson Reuters Checkpoint has released their projected…

Linsey Glosier