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Using Public Policy to Create IRA Irony

USA - October 26 2016 You might recall that the Department of Labor (DOL) took the position earlier this year that it had to protect individual retirement accounts and…

Christopher J. Rylands

Kübler-Ross and IRS Announcement 2016-32

USA - September 23 2016 When the IRS announced that it would virtually eliminate the determination letter program for individually designed retirement plans, many…

Christopher J. Rylands

Exceptional Plan Governance: Beat Back the Coming Litigation Onslaught

USA - June 6 2016 It was bound to happen. For several years, the plaintiffs' bar has sued fiduciaries of large 401(k) plans asserting breach of their duties under…

Christopher J. Rylands

Undermining the Goal of Expanding Coverage for Nonhighly Compensated Employees

USA - March 16 2016 One might be led to believe that the current administration is in favor of expanding retirement savings opportunities. After all, the DOL has…

Denise Pino Erwin

Reacting to Our Failure to Effect Sound Retirement Policy

USA - December 11 2015 Ever since ERISA was first promulgated, and notwithstanding consequential economic, societal and demographic changes, efforts at improving the…

Christopher J. Rylands