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Tibble: much ado about nothing?

USA - June 16 2015 Everyone seems to be talking about last month’s Supreme Court decision in Tibble v. Edison International, even though its holding wasn’t all that…

Lisa Van Fleet

Fiduciary cannot use ERISA 502(a)(3) to seek equitable relief for participant

USA - June 5 2015 In Duda v. Standard Insurance Company, a recent case decided by the Federal District Court in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, we are reminded…

Serena F. Yee

Documentation hardship for hardships (and participant loans, too)

USA - May 22 2015 What is the IRS thinking about when it announces that plan sponsors, even those using a qualified TPA/recordkeeper, should maintain the records for…

Sheldon H. Smith

What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate

USA - May 1 2015 Unlike the 1967 film, Cool Hand Luke, where the prison warden delivers the above line shortly after giving a beating to prisoner Luke (Paul Newman)…

Christopher J. Rylands

How to avoid the “kitchen sink” appeal and other nuances for a self-insured health plan

USA - April 7 2015 For many years, medical plan drafting was viewed as a commodity. Insurance companies, third-party administrators and brokers often prepared summary…

Brian W. Berglund