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EU Retail News - September 2017

USA, United Kingdom, France - October 2 2017 On 12th September 2017 the UK Competition Authority,the Competition and Markets Authority ("CMA") sent an open letter to businesses in the creative...

François-Xavier Mirza, Nicola Jayne Conway, Carol Osborne, Kathie D. Claret, Robert Bell.

Is Your Watch Really Swiss Made?

Global - March 31 2017 Most people may assume that if a watch is labelled as "Swiss made", it is actually made in Switzerland. But they would be wrong. While it is one of...

Pushing Python Products? Beware UK Import Rules for Animal Furs and Skins

United Kingdom - February 27 2017 Global luxury group, Kering, has described python as "le dernier cri in high fashion" and has maximised its access to ethically raised skins by...

Nicola Jayne Conway.

UK Employers: You Have Enhanced Positive Obligations to Prevent Illegal Working

United Kingdom - February 27 2017 One facet of the new Immigration Act 2016 focuses on strengthening the laws surrounding illegal workers and tightening the obligations on UK...

Nicola Jayne Conway.

When Can You and When Should You Use Your Own Name for Your Brand?

United Kingdom - February 27 2017 It is a common misconception that we are all entitled to create brands under our own names. It is also a misapprehension that it is always a good...

Nicola Jayne Conway.