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Penalty Amounts Get Adjustment (Upward, of Course)

USA - July 11 2016 The Department of Labor (DOL), along with several other federal agencies, recently released adjusted penalty amounts for various violations. The…

Christopher J. Rylands

DOL FAQs Guide Compliance Efforts during Fiduciary Rule Transition Period

USA - June 6 2017 The Department of Labor has issued guidance in the form of Frequently Asked Questions to help firms and their advisers impacted by the Fiduciary Rule…

Richard L. Arenburg

What a Difference an “H” Makes

USA - March 7 2017 Late on Monday, House Republicans revealed, in two parts (here and here, with summaries here and here) the American Health Care Act (“AHCA”) that is…

Christopher J. Rylands

“Who” May Object to the Contraceptive Coverage Mandate, and why?

USA - October 31 2017 New rules issued by the Trump administration, including both interim final and temporary regulations effective October 6, 2017, significantly expand…

Richard L. Arenburg

Worried About the Fiduciary Rule? Don’t Be…Yet!

USA - March 21 2017 The Department of Labor (DOL) released Field Assistance Bulletin 2017-01 on March 10, 2017, which outlines a temporary Enforcement Policy related to…

Serena F. Yee