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Dodd-Frank Act Reforms

USA - March 22 2017 In his first weeks in office, President Trump has taken steps to undo or alter major components of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer…

David C. Russell

President Obama proposes changes to the transfer taxes

USA - April 12 2013 On Wednesday, President Obama released his FY 2014 budget which calls for $3.8 trillion in spending over the next fiscal year and $1 trillion in tax…

Stephanie L. Moll

Investment advisors fiduciary standard

USA - November 1 2013 On Tuesday, the House approved legislation that would delay a Labor Department regulation that would impose fiduciary standards for financial…

House of Representatives set to pass fiscal cliff bill

USA - December 20 2012 The House of Representatives will likely pass legislation today to extend all rates, including capital gain and dividends, for income under $1 million.

Stephanie L. Moll

News from the fed on federal interest rates

USA - October 13 2014 On Thursday, Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer announced the Fed will likely start raising interest rates around the middle of next year…