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French Competition Authority Ends 2017 With a Bang

France - January 23 2018 The French Competition Authority (“FCA”) ended the year with two punitive decisions: in both cases, the parties were severely sanctioned for…

François-Xavier Mirza

EU Retail News - January 2018

United Kingdom, USA - January 23 2018 Competitive markets and squeezed margins are forcing retailers to be more innovative in their advertising efforts. More frequently, we are seeing…

Heather S. Goldman, Nicola Jayne Conway, Merrit M. Jones, Stephen Rigby

No dough for pizza franchisor

France - December 18 2017 On 25 October 2017, the Paris Court of Appeal confirmed the 7 July 2014 decision of the Paris Commercial Court which had dismissed - for lack of proof…

Emmanuelle Mercier, François-Xavier Mirza

The "Photoshop" Decree in France: Fashion and Cosmetics Companies Must Label Photographs As Retouched

France - November 29 2017 In January 2016, the French Health System Modernization Act was adopted, providing in particular for several measures in order to prevent eating…

Emmanuelle Mercier

No more sweeping anti-competitive practices under the carpet

France - November 20 2017 In a decision dated 18 October 2017, the French Competition Authority (FCA) imposed a record fine on the "resilient floor covering cartel" (one of the…

Emmanuelle Mercier, François-Xavier Mirza