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Rules on Monitoring an Employee’s Private Internet Use at Work: a new ECHR decision

European Union, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom - January 22 2016 In a decision rendered last January 12, 2016, the European Court of Human Rights ("ECHR") held that the dismissal of an employee for having used his…

Marion Carles-Salmon, Sarah Delon-Bouquet, Gary Freer, Martin Lüderitz, Fulvio Pastore-Alinante

The Italian Data Protection Authority restricts the monitoring of employees’ internet access and e-mail use

Italy - June 16 2017 The Italian Data Protection Authority (“IDPA”) issued its first decision interpreting the amended Section 4 of the “Workers’ Bill of Rights,”…

Fulvio Pastore-Alinante

Italian Labor Courts Admit “WhatsApp” Dismissals

Italy - October 30 2017 The Italian Labor Court of Catania (the “Sicilian Court”), with its recent decision of 27 June 2017, ruled for the first time in Italy that employers…

Fulvio Pastore-Alinante

The Italian Supreme Court Restricts Employer’s Remote Control of Employees

Italy - July 6 2017 The Italian Supreme Court, with its recent decision (No. 22148 of May 8, 2017), restated the main principle of Section 4 of “Workers’ Statute of…

Fulvio Pastore-Alinante

Webinar: Are there any risks to hiring a freelancer?

USA - May 11 2016 You are currently managing a large company project. After a meeting with your team, you realize you need additional assistance for this project. You…

Sarah Delon-Bouquet, Gary Freer, Martin Lüderitz