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Education or Advice: The DOL Final Definition of Fiduciary; Conflict of Interest Rule

USA - April 21 2016 Earlier this month, the Department of Labor finally released the long-awaited "Definition of Fiduciary; Conflict of Interest Rule." This blog post is…

Katharine L. Finley

Payroll and HR Professionals Beware: Phishing Schemes are now Trying to Lure You

USA - March 7 2016 ALERT, ALERT!!!! The IRS has renewed a consumer alert for e-mail schemes regarding phishing and malware incidents targeted at individuals.

Katharine L. Finley

ACA Reporting Deadlines Relaxed for 2016

USA - February 9 2016 Following complaints, concerns and continuing questions relating to the Affordable Care Act reporting requirements, the IRS has relaxed reporting…

Caitlin M. Hartsell, Whitney Horrell, Michael D. Laycob, Laura S. Perlov, Anne P. Sharamitaro

The Latest in ACA Reporting

USA - February 2 2016 Well, we’ve toyed with your emotions enough on this subject…. The deadlines for ACA reporting have not changed. Truth be told, unless this law is…

Carolyn E. Daniels

PEOs: A remedy for ACA reporting requirements?

USA - January 21 2016 Signed into law in December 2014 and effective January 1, 2016, the Small Business Efficiency Act ("SBEA") provides welcome federal statutory…

Jason L Veit