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This time with feeling – employer paid individual policies violate ACA

USA - February 24 2015 Employer payment plans, which include arrangements where an employer pays, or reimburses an employee, for some or all of the premium expenses…

Lisa Van Fleet

The Yard-Man inference is no longer an inference

USA - February 3 2015 The death knell for the so-called “Yard-Man Inference” has sounded. If you think we’re being a little dramatic – OK, maybe you’re right – we have a…

Carrie Elizabeth Byrnes

Being proactive v. reactive – ACA’s prohibition on discrimination in group health insurance

USA - December 17 2014 Back in 2010, the ACA enacted a new rule prohibiting insured group health plans from "discriminating" (on the basis of eligibility or provision of…

Carrie Elizabeth Byrnes

Reimbursing employees for individual health insurance policies subjects employers to hefty excise taxes

USA - December 4 2014 It no longer works to reimburse employees for the purchase of an individual health insurance policy. I know, many of you have always done this. Well…

Carrie Elizabeth Byrnes

IRS and DOL encourage DC plan participants to hedge bets against outliving retirement savings

USA - November 5 2014 On October 24th, the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) and the Department of Labor (“DOL”) offered guidance on the use of a series of target date…

Denise Pino Erwin