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EU & Competition Law Update - December 2015

European Union, France, Germany, Italy - December 8 2015 In an important case for real estate developers and landlords, the European Court of Justice clarified the relationship between EU competition law…

Luigi Zumbo, Eckart Budelmann, Kathie D. Claret, Robert Bell.

Landmark first UK deferred prosecution agreement

United Kingdom, USA - December 2 2015 On November 30, 2015, a judge approved the U.K.’s first-ever deferred prosecution agreement (DPA)—a concept that was introduced into English law only…

Cara Dowling, Kristin Robinson, Mark A. Srere, Nabeel Osman.

Resolving the risk to the EU-U.S. Safe Harbor Framework will be challenging

European Union, USA - September 25 2015 It all started with an Austrian law student who wanted to understand what Facebook does with his personal data. As a result of Maximillian Schrems's…

Daniel C. Schwartz, Jana C Fuchs, Joseph Smallhoover, Robert Clifton Burns.

Hiring of interns causes bank to settle (without admitting or denying) FCPA charges for $14.8 million

USA - August 19 2015 The Securities Exchange Commission ("SEC") announced yesterday its first FCPA settlement with a financial institution related to the hiring of…

Andrew B. Mohraz, Mark A. Srere, Stanley J. Marcuss.

Court ruling narrows jurisdictional reach of FCPA for foreign actors, rejecting government’s overreach

USA - August 17 2015 The District Court in Connecticut ruled on Friday that a non-resident foreign national, who is not an agent of a domestic concern or issuer and who…

Andrew B. Mohraz, Mark A. Srere, Stanley J. Marcuss.