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Supreme Court Resolves Circuit Split Over 28 U.S.C. § 1782

Global, USA - June 14 2022 On Monday, the Supreme Court resolved a circuit split and issued a long-awaited decision holding that broad U.S.-style discovery under 28 U.S.C. §…

David J. Ball, Martin Gusy, Meagan C. Maloney, David A. Shargel

Update on Securities and Exchange Commission’s Landmark Proposed Climate- Change Disclosure Rulemaking

USA - May 13 2022 Coordinate closely with trades to ensure their comments reflect concrete information about impracticability and cost; these make a difference in the…

Kevin Ewing, Charles H. Still, Jr., Timothy A. Wilkins, Christine Wyman

SEC Brings First Major ESG Enforcement Action

USA - May 9 2022 More than a year after creating its Climate and ESG Task Force in March 2021, the Securities and Exchange Commission’s ESG-related enforcement goals…

Thomas F. Kokalas, David A. Shargel

Supreme Court Set to Resolve Impasse Over U.S. Discovery in International Arbitration

USA - May 5 2022 The future of discovery in private international arbitration is in the Supreme Court’s hands following oral argument last month in two consolidated…

David J. Ball, Meagan C. Maloney, David A. Shargel

Litigation and Enforcement Impact of the SEC's Proposed Rules on Climate-Related Disclosure

USA - April 28 2022 The Securities and Exchange Commission’s Proposed Rules on Climate-Related Disclosure, released March 21, 2022, represent a significant change in…

Kevin Ewing, David A. Shargel