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Update on Securities and Exchange Commission’s Landmark Proposed Climate- Change Disclosure Rulemaking

USA - May 13 2022 Coordinate closely with trades to ensure their comments reflect concrete information about impracticability and cost; these make a difference in the…

Rachel B. Goldman, Charles H. Still, Jr., Timothy A. Wilkins, Christine Wyman

Litigation and Enforcement Impact of the SEC's Proposed Rules on Climate-Related Disclosure

USA - April 28 2022 The Securities and Exchange Commission’s Proposed Rules on Climate-Related Disclosure, released March 21, 2022, represent a significant change in…

Rachel B. Goldman, David A. Shargel

Hurdles Ahead for the SEC's New Climate Disclosure Proposal

USA - April 13 2022 On March 21, 2022, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) released its much-anticipated proposed rule on climate-related disclosure and…

Nathan Guerra, Christine Wyman

Attestation: Practical Reflections on What the SEC Climate Proposal Will Require

USA - April 12 2022 Among the many changes set forth in the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s proposed rules governing climate-related disclosures are the…

Chase V. Edmunds, Nathan Guerra, Troy L. Harder, Timothy A. Wilkins

Summary Outline of SEC's Proposed Rule on Climate-Related Disclosure and Accounting

USA - April 11 2022 The SEC’s proposed rule on climate-related risks includes amendments to both the financial reporting requirements (Reg S-X) and the narrative…

Nathan Guerra, Troy L. Harder, Charles H. Still, Jr.