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Takeaways From the Web3 Legal Conference

USA - June 1 2022 In this Episode of Bracewell Crypto Bits, host Anne Termine, Brittney Justice and Claire Cahoon share highlights from the…

Brittney E. Justice, Anne M. Termine

Sanctions and Cyber and Crypto, Oh My: The Convergence of Emerging Regulatory and Enforcement Risks Requires Nimble Responses Across Sectors

USA - May 16 2022 At a sanctions conference held in Washington D.C. on May 5, government officials, practitioners and corporations highlighted the Government’s…

Seth D. DuCharme, Meagan C. Maloney

The US Government has a New Stopwatch for Cyber Incident Reporting: What You Need to Know Now

Russia, Ukraine, USA - March 16 2022 Amid the escalating conflict in Ukraine and concerns of Russian cyber threats to the United States, President Joe Biden recently signed a $1.5…

Anissa L. Adas, Seth D. DuCharme, Brittney E. Justice

Executive Order Legitimizes Cryptocurrency Industry - Regulation and Legislation up Next

USA - March 14 2022 The White House Executive Order on Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets (the “EO”), is the policy statement that the industry was…

Meagan C. Maloney, Anne M. Termine

Cyber Siren Warning - When State Actors Attack

Ukraine, USA - February 25 2022 Russia began a physical invasion of Ukraine Wednesday night, and as the United States responded with sanctions, the threat of cyberattacks against…

Seth D. DuCharme, Brittney E. Justice