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Employment reform legislation passes Tennessee legislature

USA - April 17 2014 On April 16, 2014, the Tennessee General Assembly, at the urging of Baker Donelson, passed significant employment litigation reform that will benefit…

Ben H. Bodzy

Yoga and yogurt: all in a day’s work

USA - November 5 2013 Question: Is an employer liable for the damage caused by its employee when that employee is involved in an automobile accident outside of work hours…

Ben H. Bodzy, Megan Sutton

Can you request your employees’ social media passwords? Employers beware!

USA - November 1 2013 The boom of social media has made it clear to employers that their employees' social media posts can dramatically impact their businesses. There are…

Ben H. Bodzy, Megan Sutton

Rise in misclassification suits and DOL audits quite a fright: what an employer can do to prepare

USA - November 1 2013 Few things are more frightening to an employer than a worker misclassification suit. Perhaps a Department of Labor audit over wage and hour issues…

Ben H. Bodzy, Megan Sutton

Can saying cheese expose an employer to liability?

USA - October 25 2013 It's holiday time! And what comes with the holidays? Company holiday parties! Pictures from holiday parties can leave employers with a holiday…

Ben H. Bodzy, Megan Sutton