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First-step analysis: cartel regulation in South Korea

South Korea - January 2 2020 This guide answers some of the key questions surrounding cartel regulation in South Korea, including relevant legislation and institutions, investigations, criminal sanctions and much more.

Chang Ho Kum, Hoil Yoon

In brief: cartel immunity and leniency programmes in South Korea

South Korea - January 2 2020 A look at some of the key questions surrounding immunity and leniency programmes for cartel participants in South Korea, including procedural requirements and the advantages of cooperation.

Chang Ho Kum, Hoil Yoon

Recent case concerning the Korea Fair Trade Commission’s regulation of standard essential patents

South Korea - September 24 2015 On August 3, 2015, the Korea Fair Trade Commission (“KFTC”) issued a corrective order against Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation and Dolby…

Seong-Sig Kim, Song Ryu

National Assembly plenary session passes amendments to the Subcontracting Act

South Korea - July 23 2015 On July 6, 2015, the National Assembly passed amendments to the Fair Transactions in Subcontracting Act (the "Subcontracting Act") at the plenary…

Seong-Sig Kim, Song Ryu

Korea Fair Trade Commission announces its 2015 annual work plan

South Korea - February 16 2015 The Korea Fair Trade Commission (the "KFTC"; Chairman Jae-Chan JEONG) announced its 2015 Annual Work Plan (the "Work Plan") on January 29, 2015. In…

Chul Ho Kim