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At a glance: employers' health and safety responsibilities in South Korea

South Korea - July 30 2021 A concise Q&A guide to employer duties and responsibilities in South Korea, including primary duty, work premises duties, risk assessments, accident response and reporting and much more.

Seong Hong, Jae Ok Kim, Tae Hwan Oh, Chan-Keun Park

Implementation of Kim Young-Ran Act: What is to be done for Corporations?

South Korea - August 18 2016 On July 28, 2016, the Constitutional Court ruled that the “Act on the Prohibition of Improper Solicitations and the Receipt or Offer of Money or…

Kwon Hoe Kim, Chul Ho Kim, Kwang-Wook Lee, Zunu Lee, Ho Seung Yang

Search and Seizure of Electronic Evidence

South Korea - December 21 2015 As information and communications technologies have entered everyday life, computer-related crime has dramatically increased. As computers or other…

Yong Kon Cho, Kwang-Wook Lee, Keun Woo Lee

New anti-corruption law passed by the National Assembly

South Korea - March 5 2015 The new anti-corruption law that was recently passed by the National Assembly which aims at increasing the scope of the previous anti-corruption laws…

Wonil Kim, Chul Ho Kim, Kwang-Wook Lee

Proactive approach to guard against trademark disputes in China

China - June 20 2013 A global IT company well known for its iconic trademark "Apple" lost the battle over the ownership of its trademark in China and entered a settlement…

Wonil Kim