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A Digital Camera Claimed At A High Level Of Generality Is Ineligible As An Abstract Idea

USA - June 12 2021 YU v. APPLE Before Newman, Prost, and Taranto. Appeal from the U. S. District Court for the N.D. California Summary: An apparatus claim reciting a…

Distribution of Software Alone Does Not Infringe a Claim That Requires Hardware

USA - February 16 2021 Synchronoss Technologies sued Dropbox for infringement of three patents relating to synchronizing data across multiple devices. The district court…

Jeremy Anapol.

Skinny Labelling on Generic Drugs Does Not Avoid Induced Infringement of Patents Covering Non-Indicated Uses

USA - October 5 2020 Evidence of inducement for a method of administering a drug is not limited to the indications of use on a generic drug label. Promoting a generic…

Mark Kachner, Paul Stewart.

Publication Does Not Necessarily Defeat Joint Inventorship

USA - July 15 2020 Summary: An individual who contributes “significant building blocks” to an invention may still be an inventor even if the individual publishes the…

Adam Powell, Paul Stewart.

Sharing Active Moiety With an FDA-Approved Product Is Not Enough to Be Considered an Approved Product for the Purposes of Patent Term Extension Under 35 U.S.C. § 156

USA - April 21 2020 Summary: If a claimed product is not the active ingredient of an FDA-approved product, or an ester or salt of that active ingredient, there is no…

Kendall Loebbaka, Paul Stewart.