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IP Procurement and Protection in The United States

USA - July 23 2020 We recently partnered up with Maple Business Council for a webinar on IP Procurement and Protection in the United States. Attorneys Dan Altman, Vlad…

Dan Altman, Vlad Teplitskiy

Intellectual Property Protection Strategies for Successful Business in the US and Canada

Canada, France, USA - March 10 2020 Imagine that you are a founder of a revolutionary technology startup in Canada. Your company is about to release its blockbuster product that will…

Dan Altman, Ben K. Shiroma, Vlad Teplitskiy

Jury Awards $10.4 Million in Damages to Philips for ZOLL’s Infringement of Defibrillator Patents

USA - August 15 2017 On August 3, 2017, a Boston jury awarded Philips $10.4 million in damages for ZOLL’s infringement of three patents…

Daniel Kiang

Patent Infringement Judgment Against ION Geophysical for its Sales of Seismic Survey Devices Reduced to $26 Million from Original $124 Million Damages Award

USA - August 15 2017 On July 26, 2017, after eight years of litigation and multiple appeals, a Texas federal court ordered ION Geophysical…

Daniel Kiang