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Who Owns the Royale With Cheese? - Miramax Sues Tarantino Over the Sale of Pulp Fiction Related NFTs

USA - December 15 2021 On November 16, 2021, Miramax, LLC (“Miramax”) brought claims of breach of contract, copyright infringement, trademark infringement, and unfair…

Alexander Zeng

Use My Likeness? Over My Dead Body!

USA - January 11 2021 On November 30, 2020, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law New York Senate Bill S5959D, an amendment to New York’s right of publicity law…

David C. O’Hair

Stirring the Pot: Recent Trademark Infringement Claims from Major Brands In the Cannabis Field

USA - May 30 2019 What do UPS and TAPATIO hot sauce have in common? Based on recent California Court filings, both companies are serious about protecting their…

Victoria E. Ellis, Jonathan Menkes

A Joint Crackdown from the FTC and FDA on Medical Treatment Claims from CBD Companies

USA - May 29 2019 The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) jointly sent warning letters on April 3, 2019 to companies that…

Victoria E. Ellis, Jonathan Menkes

Which Supreme Will Reign Supreme: "Legal Counterfeits" in China

China, USA - April 24 2019 Supreme, the popular New York-based American streetwear brand, known by its iconic logo, was created by founder/CEO James Jebbia. Despite its highly…

Alexander Zeng