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An Innocent Abroad: A Successful Recovery of Trademark Rights in China

China, USA - May 24 2018 The spectre of trademarks pirated by unscrupulous Chinese actors is well-known. A growing counter narrative is increased respect and protection for…

Tom Cowan.

Federal Circuit Review - June 2017 - 2017年6月联邦巡回法院判决摘要

USA - July 24 2017 在案由Affinity Labs Of Texas, LLC,上诉第2016-1092、2016-1172号案件中,联邦巡回法院认为,《美国法典》第35编第§317(b)条,AIA法案生效之前禁止反言规定...

Daniel Kiang, Irfan Lateef, Andrew B. Schwaab.

Will Courts Consider Evidence of Patent Eligibility?

USA - May 2 2017 Patent enforcement by Texas-based DataTreasury Corp. (“DataTreasury”) was a key motivation for the creation of Covered Business Method Review (“CBM”)…

Jeremy Anapol.


USA - December 1 2016 在苹果公司(Apple Inc.)诉三星电子有限公司( Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.) [全院庭审意见]一案(上诉编号:2015-1171、2015-1195、2015-1994)中,联邦巡回法院撤销了合议庭决定,恢复了陪审团作出的赔偿苹果公司1…

Irfan Lateef, Andrew B. Schwaab.


USA - December 1 2016 欺诈检测专利属于无专利资格的主题 在FairWarning IP, LLC诉 Iatric Systems, Inc.一案(上诉编号:2015-1985)中,联邦巡回法院维持了地方法院根据《美国法典》第35卷第101节作出的FairWarning专利属于无专利资格的主题这一判定。…

Irfan Lateef, Andrew B. Schwaab.