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Expert Testimony Inconsistent With Agreed-Upon Claim Construction Is Properly Stricken

USA - December 2 2022 The district court did not abuse its discretion in striking expert testimony inconsistent with the court’s claim construction. Nor did the district…

Brianne M. Kingery

The Patent Office Need Not Consider Requests for Director Review of IPR Institution Decisions

USA - August 18 2022 IN RE: PALO ALTO NETWORKS, INC. Before Dyk, Reyna, and Chen. Summary: The USPTO policy of refusing to consider Requests for Director Rehearing of…

Brianne M. Kingery

Expert Testimony That Contradicts Patent Specification Fails to Create a Genuine Issue of Fact in a Patent Eligibility Dispute

USA - July 18 2022 CAREDX, Inc. V. NATERA, Inc. Before Lourie, Bryson, and Hughes Summary: Expert testimony that steps of challenged patent claims were unconventional…

Michael Friedland

Famous Trademark Not Abandoned After Original Owner’s Bankruptcy

USA - June 15 2022 TIGER LILY VENTURES Ltd. V. Barclays CAPITAL Inc. Before Lourie, Bryson, and Prost. Appeal from the United States Patent and Trademark Office…

Makoto Tsunozaki, Ph.D.

Construction That Eliminates Entire Scope of Dependent Claims Should Be Avoided

USA - April 5 2022 LITTELFUSE, Inc. V. MERSEN USA EP Corp. Before Prost, Bryson, and Stoll. Appeal from the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts…

Mary Bao