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Acorda Therapeutics, Inc.. v. Roxane Laboratories, Inc.

USA - September 11 2018 Pharmaceutical patents were obvious where the claims covered species of a genus taught by the prior art, the prior art taught achieving the claimed…

Mark Kachner

SAP America, INC. v. Investpic LLC

USA - May 15 2018 Claims may be determined patent ineligible on the pleadings where no facts are asserted from which a non-abstract improvement may be plausibly…

Benjamin Anger

PTAB Grants Motion to Amend After Aqua Products

USA - March 7 2018 In Polygroup Limited v. Willis Electric Co., Ltd., IPR2016-01613, Paper 118 (Feb. 26, 2018), the PTAB granted the patent owner Willis Electric’s…

Scott Raevsky

BioArctic Announces Patent Allowance Entitled Spinal Cord Devices and Methods for Promoting Axonal Regeneration

USA - February 18 2018 BioArctic AB, a public Swedish biopharma company, recently announced that they received allowance of a patent application directed to a method of…


USA - January 12 2018 Reexaminations of patents confirming validity are not dispositive of validity in district court. Furthermore, in a multicomponent product, damages…

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