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The Federal Circuit continues to make inequitable conduct more difficult to prove

USA - October 9 2012 Inequitable conduct is an equitable defense to a charge of patent infringement that, when established, precludes the enforcement of the patent-in-suit.

The Federal Circuit will decide if a damages trial or decision on willfulness is required before a judgment of patent infringement can be appealed

USA - August 27 2012 Appellate review typically follows a judgment of a district court that resolves all disputes between the litigants, and the Federal Circuit has exclusive jurisdiction over an appeal from a judgment that is “final except for an accounting.”

The latest, but perhaps not last, word on the pleading requirements for direct and indirect infringement

USA - July 23 2012 Last month the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit issued an important, albeit relatively unnoticed, decision regarding the factual allegations necessary to support a claim of patent infringement.

Willful infringement will now be harder to prove

USA - June 26 2012 On June 14, 2012, the U.S. Court of Appeal for the Federal Circuit issued a decision that significantly altered the law pertaining to the question of willful infringement.

Philip Y. Braginsky, Scott D. Stimpson.