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New pregnancy accommodation law enacted in New Jersey

USA - January 28 2014 On January 21, 2014, Governor Chris Christie signed into law, effective immediately, a bill that amends the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination…

Damon W. Silver, Esq., Galit Kierkut

Notices for the new year and good news for employers: update on wage and hour class actions

USA - December 19 2013 With the holiday season upon us, employers should be careful not to lose sight of important notice, posting and distribution…

Grace A. Byrd, Galit Kierkut, Jill Turner Lever

NYC council approves reasonable accommodation requirement for pregnant employees

USA - October 4 2013 The New York City Human Rights Law ("NYCHRL"), one of the broadest antidiscrimination ordinances in the country, will become significantly broader as…

Grace A. Byrd, Jill Turner Lever

Additional New Jersey updates

USA - October 4 2013 On the horizon is a potential sick leave law in New Jersey. The proposed law would provide even more protections than the recently passed New York…

Grace A. Byrd, Jill Turner Lever

NJ employee protection from retaliation related to pay equity

USA - October 4 2013 On August 28, 2013, Governor Chris Christie signed A-2648, which adds a new nonretaliation pay equity provision to the New Jersey Law Against…

Grace A. Byrd, Jill Turner Lever