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EU-U.S. Privacy Shield: Companies Can Now Certify

European Union, USA - August 2 2016 As of, August 1st, 2016, U.S. companies can now join the Safe Harbor successor EU-U.S. Privacy Shield (the “Privacy Shield”) for personal data…

Christian Schröder, Kolvin Stone

Is Ransomware a Notifiable Data Breach Event?

USA - July 29 2016 There is no doubt that companies face unprecedented volume and variation in both disruptive and intrusive cyberattacks on their networks. Among the…

Antony P. Kim, Aravind Swaminathan, Emily S. Tabatabai

EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Approved by EU Member States

European Union, USA - July 8 2016 Today the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield was approved by the EU Member States, which sets the stage for the European Commission to grant final approval to…

Kolvin Stone

FCC Privacy Regulations: The Next Litigation Trend?

USA - June 21 2016 Last month the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) closed the comment period for its proposed privacy regulations, which we previously wrote…

Antony P. Kim, Aravind Swaminathan

Germany Issues Privacy Guidelines for Employer Access to Employee Email and Internet Use

Germany - May 25 2016 Can employers look at the company email accounts of employees, such as when they do not show up to work? Can employers monitor employee Internet use…

Clarissa Otto, Christian Schröder