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Federal court decisions permit two Dodd-Frank whistleblower cases to proceed

USA - October 11 2012 Two federal district courts recently issued decisions adopting a broad interpretation of the anti-retaliation provision of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (“Dodd-Frank”) and allowed Dodd-Frank whistleblower claims to proceed past motions to dismiss.

Mike Delikat, James H. McQuade

O Canada: The U.S.’s Neighbor To The North Proposes Its Own Whistleblower Program

Canada, USA - May 17 2016 The Ontario Securities Commission ("OSC"), Canada's largest securities regulator, has proposed establishing its own whistleblower program for…

Michael Disotell

Where Have You Gone Dennis Kozlowski? Third Circuit Dismisses Tyco Employee’s Whistleblower Claim Over Excessive Corporate Spending

USA - February 8 2016 On February 2, 2016, the Third Circuit affirmed the dismissal of a long-running SOX whistleblower suit filed by Jeffrey Wiest, a former accounts…

Annabelle Chan, Mike Delikat

Dodd-Frank anti-retaliation provision does not apply extraterritorially

USA - July 18 2012 On June 28, 2012, a Texas District Court held that the Dodd-Frank's anti-retaliation provision per se does not apply extraterritorially.

Rachel J. Coe, Mike Delikat

Dodd-Frank amendment applies retroactively, “clarifies” SOX Section 806

USA - July 18 2012 On July 9, 2012, a Southern District of New York court held that the Dodd-Frank Act applies retroactively to protect whistleblowers employed by subsidiaries of publicly-traded companies

Rachel J. Coe, Mike Delikat