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Will the latest opinion by a district court adopting a broad definition of who is a whistleblower encourage more internal reporting?

USA - May 24 2013 On Tuesday, another New York federal district court ruled that an employee need not report a disclosure directly to the Securities and Exchange…

Mike Delikat, Renee B. Phillips

Do as I say, not as I do: differences in duties means no commonality, no class certification for unpaid interns

USA - May 23 2013 As employers welcome a new group of eager interns to their offices this summer, employers may be thinking about the recent wave of class action…

Brooke D. Arena, Julie A. Totten

Rule 23(b) or not to be: Wang v. Chinese news the Ninth Circuit’s latest decision to reevaluate certification after Wal-Mart

USA - March 20 2013 The Ninth Circuit's recent decision in Wang v. Chinese Daily News is the latest to affirm that Wal-Mart v. Dukes is controlling in wage-and-hour…

Andrea L. Brown, Robert S. Shwarts